24 May. 2019

Denim with a conscience



ISKO, the leading producer of denim fabric is joining IMPACT with their pioneering sustainable fabrics. Denim focused on an eco-friendly future!

At ISKO, sustainability is a culture, a way of life. Responsible Innovation is deeply rooted in the company’s DNA, as each collection is created with a unique eco-conscious approach, whilst maintaining a sense of creativity. ISKO constantly strives to raise the bar within the manufacturing industry and to raise awareness throughout the entire supply chain for the importance of using low impact materials.

The ISKO Earth Fit Collection is the pinnacle of ISKO’s responsible innovation. The collection is made with quality materials such as organic cotton, recycled cotton, and polyester recycled from PET bottles. Most of all, it is the first denim fabric in the world to have received the Nordic Swan and EU Eco label certifications. At IMPACT, such initiatives are at the heart of our mission for positive fashion, together we can carve the way for “fashion with a conscience.”

The global marketing director at ISKO explains, “No one is going to be able to change the industry alone. Collaboration is key and, from our side, we do everything we can to support brands and partners on their journey towards sustainability. It is our responsibility, as an industry leader, to be a force for good: our hope is for a greater demand of facts to permanently improve the business landscape, pushing everyone – ourselves included – to commit even further!”

For more information please visit iskodenim.com